Day Dreaming Would Be Heroes

With the latest mass school shooting (to distinguish from the smaller/lesser/fewer deaths – what a disgustingly absurd characteristic to describe and explain) in Parkland, FL just about two weeks ago, the usual histrionics have been well underway, the hateful media sludge has created conspiracy theorists, and the surviving students have been organizing local and inspiring nation-wide walk-outs while receiving death threats. Children who survived a horrific day of mayhem and murder, saw 17 of their classmates draw their last breaths, hid and sent final texts to their families, and feared for their lives are getting death threats from adults (and I’m sure children as well) because the gun lobby has very effectively sold their lies to a gullible country of fools. And I’m absolutely beyond livid about the facts in that last sentence. That behavior is beyond atrocious but it is not the first time we’ve seen this, Sandy Hook was the first. How disgusting of a human being does someone need to be to harass and send death threats to families who lost their elementary aged students!?!! How awful of a human being does someone need to be to send death threats to children who survived the worst day of their lives – hopefully the worst day they will ever have again, a day that a vast majority of us have never had to live through and will likely never see?!?!? Seriously, I am struggling to understand this reprehensible behavior. And I definitely want to focus on my rage about the fact that this happened, the horrible disgusting people re-violating these students and families, and we are stuck as a nation on the thoughts and prayers, wringing hands, can’t do anything that is stuck on wash, rinse, repeat. I also want to talk about the illusion that so many people have that they would be the “good guy” with a gun that would rush in, take the “bad guy” with a gun down, and save the day. Meanwhile, three highly trained law enforcement officers froze outside the high school and didn’t go in to stop the murders but average citizens with no formal training, no warfare experience (beyond whatever the latest video game or movie that glorifies war or gives the Hollywood portrayal of war heroes), without expertise beyond a gun range or hunting think they could convince their bodies to react differently in Rambo-style and potentially take a life. But right now, I can’t muster the words to explore these things, I’m too angry at the part of humanity that somehow believes the Alex Jones’s of the world and starts bullying, harassing, and making death threats to kids who survived the most horrible day of their lives, the worst day they hopefully will ever live.

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