20161109_142059Hmmm…I never know how to start these things. I am me, unapologetically me. A single mom of 2 adult children. I am an academic studying and interested in matters of access and retention of some of our most vulnerable groups in education and every public sphere. I believe education has the power to cure a lot but not everything. To me, education is hope – hope for a brighter future for myself, my kids, and the future of our collective world. I believe in the power of love above all but recognize that love cannot cure all. Regardless of the hate that seems to consume, I still love humanity – don’t care who you are I love you – don’t need to like you or invite you into my life but I will fight for your right to exist and feel safe in your person. That is kind of the core of who I am. I work to invite others into spaces they might not otherwise have access to and want to contribute to making this a more just and equitable world.